17 NOV 2017
   Qty.    Price          Credit        Debit
1     30 DEC  2017  10000 Call Sell 75 363.85 27288.75
2     30 DEC  2017  11000 Put Sell 75 697.00 52275.00
3     30 NOV  2017  10500 Call Sell 75 17.00 1275.00
4     30 NOV  2017  9900  Put Buy 75 11.40 855
       --------------     -----------
Total 80838.75 855.00
Net credit received 79983.75 79983.75
Do not enter into trades if the net credit likely to be received is less than  Rupees : 79000.00 79183.91
The NSE's total (SPAN+MTM) margin requirement for this combination of 4 trades is about
Rs.218000.00 but since we have received a credit of Approx. Rs.79000 the net investment
is only Rs.139000.00.
By 30 NOV 2017  (November expiry day)  the minimum profit is likely to be Rs.2000 if the Nifty
November future remains Between 9000 and 10700
Notes : Minor adjustments are required a few days before November expiry or earlier if the Nifty November
Future tends to drop below 9600 or rise above 10600.  Exact details will be available on this
page when required.
Rates given above are previous day's closing rates. Traders should check the current rates
and calculate the total credit likely to be received before entering into the 1st Trade.
Multiples/Sub multiples of the above strategies  (Keeping the ratio of various legs same) can be
used till the net credit received is also proportional. After certain quantity you may notice that
some of the legs become illiquid or the credit received is not proportional. Trades should be
executed only if you continue to receive proportional credit. Normally there should be no
difficulty in receiving proportional credit till you reach margin levels of Rs.5 Crore to Rs.10 Crore.
The strategies as well as consultations regarding the same are available absolutely free of cost
to everybody.  For consultations please contact after NSE Trading hours only.
Suggestions to improve upon the above strategies are most welcomed from anyone.
Payment  of Margins can be paid either through pledge of shares already held by the Trader or through a
Margins cheque.  IF margin is paid by cheque the broking firm should be asked to make a Bank F.D.
for the entire amount.  This will give an additional pre-tax income of 7 % or so. This is very